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    Graydon is looking for a Marketing Automation Specialist in Amsterdam

      Graydon is looking for a dedicated Marketing Automation Specialist. You will be the functional owner of Marketo so you love the technology and know how to use it. You know your way around html and css and are able to create and update your own templates. You have hands-on experience building campaigns and programs.


      You play a key role in setting up long term nurture programs that drive MQLs through the funnel until they are sales ready. You work together with the demand gen team on effective outbound campaigns. You analyze results and create clear reports and recommendations for improvements.


      Graydon has a progressive marketing department that uses a variety of cool tools to stay ahead of the competition. We also have an opening for a more junior marketing automation or email marketing specialist that will have more focus on building campaigns. Come join the team and help us create value using Marketo.


      If you are interested, send me a message or connect on LinkedIn Saskia van Nieuwenhuizen | LinkedIn


      Saskia van Nieuwenhuizen