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    Drip Campaign vs. Basic Email Program


      We are implementing an adoption campaign for our new customers. We plan to send one email each week (for 6 weeks) that cover the different functionality of our product in order to to help onboard our customers. I know we can create a basic email program and just set up a new email send each week for the new customers. However, is there a benefit to setting this up in a drip nurturing campaign versus within the flow of an email blast program? Thanks!

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          John Clark



          The Nurture Program was designed for just that purpose.  You can enter all of your emails into a stream, and leads that are added to that stream will get one email per week starting with the first.  This setup allows you to setup the emails/program one time, and then re-use it over and over by adding leads to the stream.  Each week, all leads in the stream will get the next piece of content they've never received before.  This means that the new leads will always get the first piece of content, and leads that have been in the stream for 1 or 2 weeks will each get the second and third emails respectively.



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            Hey Alex,


            One benefit to a drip campaign is that you can automate the program and not have to manually manage it. Email programs are really designed for one-off sends (also allowing you to A/B test), which is why it has the dashboard functionality. I would recommend you build this campaign as a drip nurture and not a series of one-off email programs.

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              Josh Hill

              Please keep in mind there are four different things going on.


              • Send Email Program, which is most useful for AB tests
              • Regular Program with smart campaign that sends an email
              • Drip Nurture: Regular Program with Smart Campaign that uses wait steps between emails. This also allows you to vary the cadence more easily. It has other considerations too.
              • Engagement Nurture - this is what most of you are referring to. This is much more powerful than Drip and please do not call it "drip" because it is flexible in its ability to swap out content and move leads through the funnel...assuming you take the time to set it up right. In general, it is best to use this where the cadence won't change except in specific situations and you think Streams will be useful for varying cadence or moving people to new content at certain moments (MQL, score, form fills). I think it is fine to use in a 6 week nurture at once a week. A lot of teams onboard with varying cadences and in that case, you should use regular Drip.
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