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Populating Asset Consumed Using A Global Form

Question asked by Keith Nyberg Expert on Sep 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2018 by Keith Nyberg

Hey Marketing Nation,


We recently migrated all of our landing pages from drupal into MKTO. When we were using the drupal landing pages, we hardcoded the landing page redirect and name of the asset consumed in the form embed (see below).


<form id="mktoForm_0" class="mktoFormEmbed" data-mktoFormID="0" data-mktoAsset="Analyst Report: Ovum IBM" data-mktoRedirect="/ovum-ibm-download"></form>


My question: Now that we are using MKTO guided landing pages, we can set the landing page re-direct rule when adding the form, but I cannot figure out a way to populate our asset consumed field based on the landing page the form was filled on.


I have a smart campaign that looks for people who visited our Thank You pages and populates the asset consumed, but the MKTO numbers don't align with GA so I am concerned that some records are falling through the cracks.


Any ideas on how I can populate our asset field from the landing page when using a global form?



Keith Nyberg