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Getting Valid Tokens for a Campaign

Question asked by 02e791d3eb804ee22a7fe5a84475646fab8919b1 on Sep 16, 2015
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Does anyone know if there is a way to get a list of valid tokens that can be passed along when triggering a campaign?  I see that there is a way to get a list of tokens by folder ID. (link) Ideally, I would like to do that campaign id.


A little bit of background for this question...

For our programmatic integration purposes, I want to allow our marketing team to dynamically maintain the list of tokens that could be used when we trigger a campaign on the back-end of our application.  Our architecture dictates that we be flexible in the way we receive that values that will be passed along as token name/value pairs.  I don't want to limit our marketing team by requiring a change-management process to occur from IT every time they need to request or supply different fields.


Any help is appreciated!