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    Is Munchkin Tracking retrospective?



      Is this use case supported with munchkin tracking of web page activity:


      1. Unknown user comes to my site and visits 2 pages (we have no idea who they are)


      2. Munchkin drops a cookie


      3. A day later the same user on the same device downloads a white paper from a Marketo form. We now know who they are.


      My question: In Marketo, since the same cookie is used, will I be able to see the web activity assigned that lead from step 1 above?





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          John Clark

          Hi Lee,


          Dan is right.  Any lead that visits your munchkin tracked pages will have all of their activity tracked under an anonymous lead record in your database.  As soon as that lead identifies themselves, the system is able to us the cookie info to merge the now known record with the previous anonymous record, giving you the entire history of that lead/device/cookie.



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              Hello All,


              Sorry to jump in on someone else's question but is there a quick way to ensure this setup is implemented correctly.  I seem to have a large number of contacts that only identify themselves when they completed our marketo quote request form.  All of their web data prior to that form fillout is not available. 


              So it seems they all came directly to the quote form page which I feel is very unlikely.


              I really need to confirm my web tracking setup is functioning correctly but not sure how to verify this.  The web team have implemented the tracking codes but not exactly as the marketo directions.  They say this doesnt matter.


              Any help gratefully received.


              thanks in advance



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                  Sanford Whiteman

                  They say this doesnt matter.




                  What's your home page URL, and what's the quote form URL?

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                    Malik Zafar

                    If you download the "ghostery" plugin for Firefox or Chrome, you can see what tags are firing on a website. Using that, you can confirm if your Munchkin is firing on pages.

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                        Thanks for the answer, Ghostery shows marketo listed when the page loads but i continue to get visits direct to the request a quote page with no other previous page visits listed.


                        I dont believe its working correctly.  As I would expect page hits recorded prior to the quote request.


                        The link to the quote page is only found on the product page.  It difficult to go direct to the page without the direct url.


                        Anritsu EMEA


                        thanks all for your help



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                            Stijn Heijthuijsen

                            Hi Mark,


                            Sounds like you're running into an issue I had at my previous company.

                            Here's what I think happens:

                            1. User gets sent an email to his/her corporate email address
                            2. Marketo sets a cookie
                            3. User visits the webpage and starts filling in the quote request
                            4. The quote is requested with his/her personal email address
                            5. Marketo sets a new cookie, associated with the personal email address


                            The new lead was created by the quote form and has no pagevisits since the cookie was first associated after requesting the quote.


                            Consider turning on prefilling to help / guide known visitors.

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                                Sanford Whiteman

                                Stijn, you might have a slight misunderstanding (or perhaps it was just misphrasing) of the Munchkin/form interaction.


                                Munchkin won't create a new cookie upon form fillout.  Rather, the existing cookie will be associated with the lead record represented by the newly filled-out email address.  Activities -- both prior and future -- logged under that cookie will be associated with the lead from the form.* Thus Munchkin activities are retroactive: it's one of Munchkin's most powerful features. 


                                However, AFAICS, Mark's problem is that the cookie is not shared across pages because of cross-domain rules. The page with the form stands completely alone. This is a different type of "new cookie" situation.


                                On another note: using privacy-related tools like Ghostery to see if Munchkin is "working" can give a false sense of security.  Ghostery won't tell you, for example, whether the same cookie is being used, since that's not what they care about!




                                * Note you can manually force a form fillout to use a new cookie using JavaScript, keeping prior activities on the old known lead.  That's not the default behavior, though.  If you do force this, of course you need to be sure that the lead is known... if it's still anonymous, you'd just be shooting yourself in the foot by abandoning the activity log.

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                                Sanford Whiteman

                                Mark, the cause of your problem is that the quote form page and your home page do not share a registered (i.e. cookieable) domain: one is on anritsu-emearesponse.com and the other is your main domain anritsu.com.  These domains will never share the same cookie without specific custom development to make that happen. If you PM me, there are some tips I can give you about how to get tracking working cross-domain.


                                P.S. I'm a longtime Anritsu fan -- always see you guys at CCW and other shows in NYC -- though not yet a customer. Love the products.