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    Drupal forms and Lead Scoring

    Eddie Morales

      We're about to launch a new website leveraging Drupal for a CMS and forms. We do have the Munchkin code embedded on the test site and have tested passing back leads to Marketo, which works.


      When I look at the activity log of the test lead it tells me that the new lead came in, and all relevant activity including scoring.


      If a lead fills out a form for a particular asset that we assign a value for, in terms of lead scoring, how can we make sure that is accounted for in the Drupal model? Where as in the Marketo hosted landing pages and forms they're associated to asset where we have mapped it back to a lead score value.


      Any help is appreciated.

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          Josh Hill

          Are you using Forms with an API or Marketo Embedded Forms?


          You can try a few things either way:

          • Program by Asset Name
          • Lead Offer Type and Lead Offer Detail as hidden fields or just stamped when the lead comes through
          • Fills Out Form and Referrer (maybe)
          • some other options.
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              Eddie Morales

              We're using forms with an API. Referrer seems a likely option.


              For Lead Offer Type/Detail as hidden fields does that require using embedded forms, as opposed to via API?

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                  Sanford Whiteman

                  Anything that is passed to the page can be, in theory, passed to the back end and in turn populated on the lead.


                  However, I must caution -- as I do frequently here -- against using API calls in response to individual user actions. This setup means your website has an explicit DoS vulnerability.  It's highly recommended that you use client-side form posts instead: this doesn't mean you can't use Drupal forms for the visual layout, it means you send the data using the Marketo Forms 2.0 API, directly to Marketo.

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