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    Sync to Salesforce Issues

      I've been experiencing technical problems with Marketo since 9/10/2015 (see issues detailed below).  I'm getting zero help from Marketo Support (despite multiple pleas for escalation).  I'm just wondering if anyone else out there might be having similar problems?




      1. The alert trigger for our high value forms (Contact us, Demo Request Cloud audit request) suddenly stopped working (no changes were made to this campaign). 
        1. If you look at the results for this program, you can see the last alert was sent 9/10 at 3:30pm
        2. I created a duplicate program using an different email and alerts are working.  So, it’s possible the email associated with the original campaign became corrupted but I don’t know for sure.
      2. New leads from the web aren’t always synching to salesforce. 
        1. This issue is really inconsistent.  Sometimes, the leads turnup in Salesforce hours later but are missing half of their campaign data.
        2. This issue is the most troubling because It’s causing data corruption. Marketo seems to have all the data (I.e. we’re not losing data from website form fills) it’s just not making it to Salesforce.  I can manually push it to Salesforce but, I worry that I’m going to create a bigger mess in the long run.
      3. Market Outage on 9/14 – we experienced a 35 minute outage on our instance yesterday around 2:20pm.
        1. I thought this might be related to our other issues.  But, even thought the server is now accessible, we are still continuing to have the same problems.


      There are zero errors reported in admin.  I have no notifications from Marketo indicating any errors or issues.

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          Josh Hill

          Unfortunately, Support is the only place to get the backend data you need to find out what happened. It is totally possible there's a weird bug or your instance degraded and needs some sort of reboot.


          Things to check

          • Is the original Sales Alert email corrupted? Did you check this? Did you try replacing it in the flow with the cloned version that does work?
          • What's going on in the Results?
          • Are you sure you aren't triggering the campaign?
          • What about the Form Fills - are you using embedded forms? Did someone change something on your site?
          • Did someone change something in SFDC - esp the user permissions for Marketo?
          • how many records are supposed to be synced?
          • did you try testing creating a new record in Marketo and manually pushing it? What happens?


          Sometimes you have to do this yourself before asking Support to get involved.

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              Thank you.  I appreciate your check list.  I was really trying to determine if I was isolated in my issues or if others were having problems too.  The lights were out at Marketo support and I was feeling desperate for a little help or validation.  Nothing changed in my environment and I want to get to the root cause (which I think is going to end up being a Marketo code defect around "Salesforce Campaign Sync" for custom channel types).