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    New or old? Screen shot of Microsoft Actions

    Paul Wilson

      I recently came across a screen shot showing far more functionality for Dynamics/Marketo. Looking at the overall UI it seems to be an older version of Marketo so I suspect that this functionality may at one time existed but no longer is available. Does anyone have experience with older implementations of Marketo/Dynamics and recognizes this? Or maybe someone from Marketo product management might be able to shed light?


      Dynamics flow steps.jpg



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          Dan Stevens

          Wow - very interesting.  This is the old interface for Marketo (prior to the current interface that went live in early 2014, I believe), but even I don't recognize these Microsoft options (we've been using Marketo since July 2013).  In fact, many of these flow actions are features that we WISH were part of the current environment - especially the "change owner" flow step.  Where did you find this?


          Provide the "Change Owner" flow action for MS Dynamics users

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              Paul Wilson

              Thanks Dan - pretty cool actions (were they available) right?


              I was sent this by a former colleague who got it as a screen shot from a youtube video their Marketo rep sent them. By the time I was send the link the video was removed from youtube.


              Funny you mention change owner - I have built a workaround to accomplish that and will be helping my colleague to setup the same thing in their environment. It is in no way ideal (given the delays between Dynamics and Marketo if you want to send an email alert to the new record owner you're 25 minutes all in from the start to the end of the protocol) but it does get the job done.


              Working on a few other frustrating point including add to list and setting source campaign WITHOUT needing to reference the actual GUID...


              Hope that Marketo can beef up the MLM so we get some of these functions soon!