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Random SFDC synch is messing up my Lifecycle status

Question asked by f393dd28ad30161bc1baecffcb47672d6c59e5ea on Sep 13, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2015 by f393dd28ad30161bc1baecffcb47672d6c59e5ea

To track my lead lifecycle status, I had my SFDC admin create a Lifecycle_Status field in SFDC, which then caused the mirror field to be created in MKTO.


When I run smart campaigns to automatically update the Lifecycle Status I have no problems, but for some reason, SFDC randomly RESETS the new value back to an old value RANDOMLY, sometimes a week after the last update was made. This happens during a synch. It makes no sense and I can't replicate it - happens whenever SFDC feels like it.


Any advice on where to look in my SFDC instance to find the problem?