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    Trigger on a data value change after filling out a certain form

      Hi guys,


      I'm trying to create a flow that is triggered after the change of on data field to "true" after filling out a certain form.


      so far I've tried "Trigger:Data value changes (new value is true) and Trigger: Fills out form (for  is blah blah)".Trigger01.JPG


      But after testing it seems to be completing the flow action for anyone who has filled out the from introspective of if the fields new value is true. I've also tried was to have a trigger:data value changes (new value true) and filled out form (with constraint= with 1 minute), but that too doesn't seem to be working - and isn't ideal as we potentially have people fill out an inquire form and update their preference centre (data value change) which aren't related.


      Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.