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    Podcast inclusion in a nurturing campaign?

      We are starting a new campaign and we are utilizing podcasts as a major tent pole of the campaign.


      The podcasts will be general content that would be useful tips for anyone from our current clients to prospects or individuals who have no interest in making a purchase decision, but are still part of the industry we serve. Essentially, these will be the 'gateway' into further interest into our lead nurturing campaign. However, these podcasts will have several segments (approximately 5 minute segments) into the episode, and then we will re-purpose these individual segments as an ICYMI part of the campaign as a lead moves through the pipeline.


      If you use podcasts, how do you typically integrate them so they get a wide audience? We have thought about using a video hosting service for these as we know of a provider that can integrate video content and lead scoring/analytics on video content, and we figured this might be the best tool for podcasts (i.e. we'd have the audio only over an title card or something similar for the streaming of the podcast), but is there any tools specific for podcasts that you've used?