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Automate live event "no show" status

Question asked by Nicholas Manojlovic on Sep 10, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2015 by Alex Stanton

Hi - I started asking a question but figured it out halfway through, I think. So I figured I'll post it anyway.



Hi, I want to move people who have registered but haven't attended to the 'no show' status of a live event.


Option 1:

SL: Member of program, status registered

FL: Change status to 'no show'

Batch: anytime after the event.


This is too manual and doesn't clone well.


Option 2:

SL: Trigger "program status is changed", status is registered, is not attended

FL: Wait 1 day after {{my.eventDate}}, change status to 'no show'

Expected result: My thinking is that I am at risk of moving anyone who was once registered and not attended into the wait step and move them to 'no show' even if their status had updated to 'attended' at some point.


Solution: do Option 2, but also create a "remove from flow" campaign for anyone with a status of "attended".