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Smartlist / Test Stream

Question asked by 455a633cb3931d3922481f6fc9c6bf54387688e8 on Sep 11, 2015
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Encore novice, je recherche le moyen d'intégrer une smartlist (liste intelligente) dans un test stream.


Comment faire ?


De plus, quelques personnes se trouvent dans l'onglet "membre". A quoi cela correspond-t-il ? "membres" et "leads" est-ce la même chose?





Still an amateur, I'm looking for ways to integrate a smartlist into a test stream .

How do I do that ?

Also, some people are in the "Member " tab. What is it exactly ? Is " Member " and " lead " the same thing?

Thank you


I speak both french and english. I don't know if this page is connected to my country and Marketo's .