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Duplicate folder names

Question asked by 12adc3acea72e3b53943e8bf65c6d722eaa77582 on Sep 11, 2015
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I am working at a company that has 9 offices in 9 countries. We organized our folder structure as follows: MA -> Active marketing programs -> CountryCode. Under CountryCode (NL, UK, US etc) individual marketing departments will create folders like Email Blasts, Nurture Campaigns etc.


Now my problem is that Marketo doesnt allow duplicate folder names. This is rather annoying because I want to keep the same folder structure for all countries. Is there any way that we can deal with this without pre or post fixing all folder names?


We are using the Sparc edition of Marketo, and I noticed that the Standard version of marketo allows separate work spaces for different departments. Would this offer a solution?


I'm a bit lost why marketo would disallow duplicate folder names.