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    Sync Everything from Marketo to SFDC Regardless of Score Cons?

    Mathew Kuehl

      I am currently dealing with an issue involving IT.  They are pushing heavily towards syncing all data from Marketo with Salesforce regardless of scores from Marketo.  I have worked with a few other automation systems, but this is my first time working with Marketo, and I am curious if this is a practice anyone else has used.  Either if you have or haven't, could you list the cons around syncing absolutely everything to SFDC?  I have a quick list of pros and cons, but I would like to get a more seasoned Marketo users view on the pros and cons of not just sending over new leads that have reached the requisite threshold to move to sales, but instead sending everything through the sync and customizing SFDC to partition MQLs and non-MQLs.

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          Kenny Elkington


          • Uses more SFDC storage, which may or may not be a problem for your org
          • Possible increase in latency for standard bidirectional syncs due to a larger number of updates requiring push and pull
          • Noise.  Your reps will need to have a greater reliance on custom reports to determine which leads should or should not be contacted.  Fairly easy to overcome, however.

          The pros are fairly obvious.  It's significantly easier to set up and maintain a program to sync all of your records.  Your decision should hinge on the number of field updates per hour that you expect on a per lead basis, and how important reducing load on SFDC storage is to you.  It will also help you with reporting since your data sets in Marketo and SFDC will match far more closely.

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