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Capturing original Lead Status for downstream reporting

Question asked by db65d97039dfcfe9646867c1a7dbbda50d2dc140 on Sep 9, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2015 by Justin Norris

I understand that what I'm about to describe is a common issue... I think I have a Marketo-way to address it, but want to hear some feedback and other experiences.


First, we have Marketo and Salesforce integrated.


A question the demand gen team is often asked goes something like this "How many MQLs were created last month?"


Strictly speaking, there is no way to directly answer that question, because what was created as an MQL in July converted to an opportunity, or to a disqualified status in August. Salesforce is a state machine that knows where things are today, but doesn't 'remember' where things started out.


A variant question is, "Of the Unqualified leads that entered the system in June, how many progressed to MQL status in July?"


Again, a simple report of leads by create month=June reports their *current* status, not their original status, or differential.


And, no, history tracking on the status field in the lead record doesn't help, because there isn't really any viable way to pull reports on that and tie it to other data that's needed.


So it seems to me that something that would help is a Marketo rule (can't use Workflow rules - only available in SFDC EE...) that sets an "original status" field on creation:


trigger on new lead

set Original Status field equal to lead status

lock down/never change Original Status


So that when leads are created, their original status is captured for future reporting against. So we could look at leads created in June - Original Status - and compare to current status.


I'd like to hear from others on if/how they have addressed this in a similar or related fashion.