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    Delete contact from a smartlist



      I manage to create a smartlist linked to Salesforce.

      I want to aim a few members of the same company, however, when I imported my contact list some of it's members are to be deleted.

      So here is a screenshot of one of the contact that I would like to delete.

      I clicked right, went to marketing, and then delete list ("supprimer de la liste" in french)

      Affichage de image.png en cours...) :

      Then a little window appeared saying I have to choose a list. 3 options given.


      Affichage de image.png en cours...

      None with the name of my actual list. So I entered it anyways


      Affichage de image.png en cours...

      I pressed "ok". And a little window comes up, saying it's done, with the date and the time. And underlined we can read : view results

      Images intégrées 5

      So I do.


      Affichage de image.png en cours...


      LOOKS like its taking care of... we can read "type of activities : deleted from the list", And next to it (its hidden), "information : ignored "not to be touched"


      But then the contact is STILL in the list...


      I'm going crazy ... help ?

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          Josh Hill



          The images are not coming through.Please post them directly, do not link to them.


          I believe you are confusing the Smart List, which is just a database query with the leads that appear in it.

          if you want to delete the Lead itself, you can do so using Delete Lead>Delete in CRM=F


          If you want to delete the Smart List, just right click on the smart list name. In this case the leads are not actually deleted.


          If you want to adjust the Smart List to NOT include the leads you mention, edit the criteria or filters.