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Delete contact from a smartlist

Question asked by e5ba7150e41de4cf004298beb21ad84657523cd8 on Sep 9, 2015
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I manage to create a smartlist linked to Salesforce.

I want to aim a few members of the same company, however, when I imported my contact list some of it's members are to be deleted.

So here is a screenshot of one of the contact that I would like to delete.

I clicked right, went to marketing, and then delete list ("supprimer de la liste" in french)

Affichage de image.png en cours...) :

Then a little window appeared saying I have to choose a list. 3 options given.


Affichage de image.png en cours...

None with the name of my actual list. So I entered it anyways


Affichage de image.png en cours...

I pressed "ok". And a little window comes up, saying it's done, with the date and the time. And underlined we can read : view results

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So I do.


Affichage de image.png en cours...


LOOKS like its taking care of... we can read "type of activities : deleted from the list", And next to it (its hidden), "information : ignored "not to be touched"


But then the contact is STILL in the list...


I'm going crazy ... help ?