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    Move leads into different stream

      I'm setting up a nurture campaign with two streams, one for engaged and one for non-engaged. The initial email will add them to the appropriate stream but if someone is put in the non-engaged stream but starts to interact with any of the content I'd like to move them to the engaged stream. How do I program that?

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          Hi Kristi,


          you will want to set up a transition rule.


          Go to your engaged stream and click "Transition Rule". A Smart Campaign will open up where you have to define your scenario.


          Under "Smart List" you'll have the prefilled values "Is member of that program" and "Is not member of that stream". To that you'll have to add the triggers that define your interaction, like "has clicked", "has submitted form", "has opened", "has visited website" or whatever interaction Marketo could possibly know.


          In "Flow" you have predefined the desired action, i.e. add to stream "Engaged". No need to change that.


          You could also set up the same thing as a Smart Campaign outside of the stream or even outside of the Engagement Program.


          Hope this helps,


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            Dory Viscogliosi

            Hey Kristi, in addition to what Michael has listed above, I find it most helpful to keep in mind that engagement programs pull leads from one stream to another -- it's never a push. So if you want to go from non-engaged to engaged, you will want to create the transition rules in your engaged stream.