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    How to verify Marketo landing pages for YouTube annotations

      I'm trying to get annotations from my company's YouTube channel to link to our Marketo landing pages (pages.company.com), but I'm having trouble verifying our ownership of those pages to YouTube.  I believe the source of my troubles is that I can't verify ownership of pages.company.com, because that URL redirects to our fallback page (www.company.com).


      Here are the different verification methods (Choose a verification method - Search Console Help)


      • Add a meta-tag to homepage.  I can't edit/add anything to pages.company.com, it redirects to www.company.com
      • Upload an html file.  The HTML file needs to be uploaded to pages.company.com; again, that page does not exist, I can only upload to pages.company.com/rs/xxx-xxx-xxx/images
      • Verify via Google Analytics tracking code.  We have the asynchronous tracking code set up correctly, but again, not on pages.company.com where I believe YouTube is looking for it
      • Verify via domain name provider.  I don't think this is an option for Marketo landing pages.


      Has anyone successfully linked/verified their Marketo landing pages to YouTube?  How did you do it?