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    Embedding forms 2.0 on external website page

    Dan Stevens
      It's a known best practice to develop a common form to support many campaign activities which result in as few forms as possible.  By doing so, you can then define the follow-up page at the landing page level.  We've been placing our Marketo landing pages/forms using iframes on our website.  Now we hope to try the embed approach.  But by using embedded forms, we will now be forced to create a specific form for each campaign activity/call-to-action on our site, correct?  For example, if it's a gated content form and the follow-up page is one that has the PDF available for download, woudn't a unique form be required here?  
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          Matt Stone
          Yes, that's true. The logic is that if you're only wanting to utilize a form on your website, you shouldn't have to create a landing page first and then drop it on and possibly another landing page after that to act as a confirmation. In reality, this is the better way of thinking, as it lets you split out forms you're embedding from actual landing pages (and the forms on those).

          Unfortunately your setup is like most who worked with forms 1.0, which is more or less the exact opposite setup.

          Personally, I'm waiting for a major event (e.g. website redesign) before I go through the effort of undoing the old setup for the new.