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    How do I edit the HTML code of an individual email campaign

    Katie Buck

      I want to add some code to an individual email campaign that I have almost finalised.


      How do I make this change to this particular campaign rather then having to change HTML code in the template?

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          Bronwen Edwards

          Hi Katie


          Do you mean the code of the email itself? If so you can go and change the code in the Email Editor. Just go to Email Actions, HTML Tools and then Replace HTML. It will open up an editor for the HTML for the email so you can make any tweaks to the code.


          Just be aware changing anything here will disconnect the email from the Email Template, so if you make any changes to the template they won't be changed on this email.


          Hope that helps!



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            Alok Ramsisaria

            Hi Katie Here are the ways you can follow: 1. Go inside Email editor>> HTML and do the edits. Advantages of this method would be, the template will remain unaffected and  you can edit the HTML anytime required. 2. Another method is already explained above. This will surely disconnect the Email from its existing template. Whenever you'll go inside Email it will show template as "None". Another effect of this method would be, in case you update anything in the template, it will not reflect in the email. So every time you require any changes in that email, you'll have to replace HTML every time. This will also effect its text version. If there is any possibility that you may require changes in that email again in future, then it is always better to include as many editable sections in the template. Doing this, it will become easier to add or remove content or sections from the email. Hope you find this helpful.