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Deleting leads from Marketo that have already been deleted from SFDC

Question asked by Nina Valtcheva on Sep 8, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2015 by 0a8e899e9ce06b99780d7c51cadab35584a8dbd1

I'm debating whether I should set up an automated smart campaign that checks if a lead gets deleted from SFDC and then delete it from Marketo as well. Trying to think of scenarios where this might be problematic, like what happens if the lead is a duplicate in Marketo but not a duplicate in both records get deleted or how does Marketo know which one to delete? Or vice versa, if a lead is a duplicate in SFDC but not a dupe in Marketo, if one of the dupes gets deleted in SFDC, I wouldn't want it to get deleted in Marketo.


Anybody deal with a similar dilemma?