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Sales Insight (MSI) Tokens in the From / Reply-to

Question asked by e0a23c8e8736fcefcf3b2ce864cb78a0ac6995c2 on Sep 8, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2015 by e0a23c8e8736fcefcf3b2ce864cb78a0ac6995c2

We have a generic Blank Email template setup inside of MSI for our Salesforce Users to send out one off emails to their Contacts/Leads.

Our Sales Teams consists of both an Internal and an External counterpart.  We would like the ability for our Internal Partners to be able to send MSI emails to their Contacts/Leads on behalf or as if they were the External.


We have both Internal and External Emails set up as tokens but when we tested the External token as the From and Reply-to when being sent from the Internal it appeared as though it was sent by the Internal regardless of the token placed in the From line.


Can this be done?

(Without signing into SF as the External and just sending it like normal)