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    Automate report of form completes



      I would like to set up a weekly report to go to a stakeholder containing:


      - all entries from a completed form

      - I would like all attributes from that form to appear in the form (preferably as column headings)


      Is this possible?

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          Alok Ramsisaria

          We don't have a standard report to automate this, but a way around could be to use a smart list for filled out form in past week, and set the default view in leads tab to the fields you want.

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              Josh Hill

              If smart list subscriptions come out, you could automate this too. But not quite yet.


              An alternative is to use RCE Lead Analysis report for this.


              Also, why exactly does this person need such a report? You should focus on nurturing the records to MQL and beyond, not worrying which form they filled out this week.

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                  Dan Stevens

                  We had a similar request this past week: our global Insurance industry leader wants a monthly report of all contact-us inquires.  Reason being, he has little to no insight into these since these are initially routed to Marketing (synced to CRM) and assigned to a Sales BDE to follow-up (Marketing will only route these to Sales if there is a clear indication that an opportunity might exist - otherwise, they get recycled back to Marketing (or disqualified).  RCE works great for this use-case - and you can setup subscriptions for these just like other MLM reports.

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                    I work at a University. Our users/prospective students can request a campus tour and may have special access requirements, or a preferred date to attend.


                    I would like to automate a report of form completes to the people who run the tour.


                    It is actually pretty important for us to be able to send form completes onto different stakeholders - I'm pretty surprised that its not that easy to do!

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                    This worked perfectly with the addition of created a custom view and using custom fields. I created a smart list with users who completed the form, then created a custom view with the custom fields I created to hold the answers of our form. The result was a list of every user who completed the form and each answer to the questions asked in the form. Thanks for the suggestion Alok!

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