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    Kelly Schmid

      Does anyone know how to pull a smart list and include a filter such as "SFDC ID is not empty". I'm not finding a way to include this. We have a lot of leads that have not been synced over to SFDC yet, and i don't want to email them.



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          Jenn DiMaria

          You might be able to create a filter that says "SFDC Created Date IS NOT empty", as opposed to using the ID.

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            Josh Hill

            You should use SFDC Type IS NOT EMPTY.


            SFDC ID will only appear if you do some special work to make that visible in Marketo. There's a thread on it. I think you have to create the fields in SFDC, push the SFDC ID in there, and then sync to Marketo.

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              Neil Robertson-Ravo

              There are no doubt several ways to get this:


              - Use native functionality such as SFDC Type

              - SFDC Created date (could be a false positive)

              - Create a custom field in Marketo to note if it was / is synced.  It's fairly easy to get a lead/contact ID added to an object.