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    Custom unsubscribe email footers in Admin ?

    Maria Finkelstein

      Hi all,


      We have 2 types of templates - HTML, promotional templates that are center-aligned for the most part and text, sales-rep-y looking ones that are plain text and left aligned. We have multiple unique designs of each.


      Without adding the Unsubscribe link to the footer in every single template as a mkt_editable element, is there a way to have two versions of the Unsubscribe footer in the Admin section that we could use depending on the type of template?



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          Josh Hill

          If you use the {{system.unsubscribeLink}} token you can do this because it will override the existing default Admin version of the footer.


          You could also do this with a Snippet.

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            Dan Stevens

            We have several email templates with different layouts.  Using snippets is the only scalable approach we've found within Marketo - especially since we have 23 country workspaces which share the same templates and require localized/translated footer content.  This is also very convenient when we have to make a change that will affect many existing/future emails (like the "year").  We also use the system "{{system.unsubscribeLink}}" token for our common unsubscribe link in every one of our snippets.


            Here's what every footer looks like in our template:


            When creating an email based on the template, all a user has to do is simply click on the editable region and select "Replace with Snippet":


            This brings up the "Replace with Snippet" selector where all one has to do is select a local, compliant footer snippet to use.  We use the same approach for our social media toolbar:



            Which results in the red text being replaced with the appropriate snippet:


            This might be helpful for you as well, Malik Zafar. Here's a footer with tokens included:


            UPDATE: We now use a single, dynamic email footer snippet in all of our emails (instead of individual country snippets), that serves up the localized footer based on a country segmentation:


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