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    Merging records & overwriting fields with NULL values?

      Anyone have this experience? Sometimes a lead is being merged automatically, but some fields are being overwritten with NULL values. I'm losing valuable data. I can see that the field was changed to the values I need, but at the time of merge, it looks like, I must be losing those values because suddenly my fields are blank.


      I've been back and forth with support about that, they suggested it could be because I was blocking updates, so I've adjusted the amount of updates I'm blocking (at this point only blocking updates from flow actions & form submissions), but it has provided no change and I am still losing data.


      How can this happen? Why would Marketo want to overwrite values with NULL? It seems so absurd to me, but is there maybe a setting I don't know about that I can change to prevent this from happening? Anyone else ever have this experience?