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    Segmentations for global campaign

    Gunjan Batra

      Hi there,


      We have a global campaign that will be rolled out in over 20 countries in 3 GEOs (APAC, EMEA and AMER). We are using single program name for each GEO which means we have 3 programs overall for 20 countries. We will be using segmentation and snippets to dynamically send emails to different countries.


      Please confirm the following:

      1. What analytics we will get/ not get at country level?

      2. Any drawbacks of this approach?

      3. If there are few contacts for that belong to X country but we want to send emails of Y country because they are Y language speaking contacts. How can we do that?




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          1. You won't lose any analytics, but you'll have to get creative and do an email report by segmentation. This is assuming you mean email analytics.

          2. Main drawback is it is a bit more error-prone and you have to get creative to get your analytics.

          3. If you're doing country-level segmentation, I don't think language will be an issue. If you're doing language-level segmentation, just adjust your segments to reflect the country you want to send. If you're talking about countries like Belgium, where it's half-half, you'll have to send it in a separate email, I think, or get REALLY creative in the segmentation.

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            Hi Gunjan,


            1.  Analytics is always about what question you are trying to answer.  It seems like your department is trying to both figure out the best way to send emails in people's own language, while also delivering quality emails for your audience.  Whatever you are looking at, you might want to start with the filters "Sementation Changed" & "Country" to build your reports.


            2.  Segments & snippets are ideal for pieces of content that will be referenced many times and in different emails.  The only drawback to using them is if your segmentations are constantly changing OR if the content within the segmentation needs modification too.  Email signatures of internal salespeople or customer names/logos are a good example of this, as they constantly change.  So they do require routine maintenance, so that your emails appear accurate and relevant.


            3.  You should include a form that offers them the ability to select their preferred language in each email.  You can even set up a snippet for a form that gives them instructions in like 2-3 languages to "select their preferred language" (since you won't know what language they speak until they respond first).  Then if you create a new custom field in Marketo to capture this information, you can also segment by this new field.



            Good luck,