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    Same Lead in Group List and Group Smart List

      We have done API integration in our sites. After filling up a form, the leads become part of the Group Smart List - XYZ.


      When we held webinars, people sign up and they become part of the Group List - ABC. We created the group list ABC to understand who are interested in webinars.


      Now it happens that certain leads have filled up our forms and became part of Group Smart List - XYZ. Then they again fill up webinar form and become part of the Group List - ABC. We need to use these lists - ABC, XYZ for our next webinars.


      1. Issue is - few leads are present in both Group List ABC and Group Smart List  XYZ. If we use these lists for next webinars, then those leads will get double mails. We need to avoid that. What is the best practice?


      2. Any tips for lead database management? What I mean is - after some months, there will too many leads in our Group Smart List. So is it better to remove the leads on weekly basis from Group Smart List to specific Group lists?