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    Mailto - Question

    Katelyn Matheny

      I created a "Book a Meeting" button in a recent email that links to mailto:energysales@wsi.com. I've had clients ask if they can choose the email provider that this link opens in. I know this is usually a default on the individuals computer, but is there a way that the recipient can select a specific email provider when they click on the button?

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          Jenn DiMaria

          I don't think this is possible without changing browser settings. For example, FireFox allows you to set "Always Ask" for mailto links:


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            Sanford Whiteman

            The answer, like Jennifer said, is a very firm No.  You as the sender can't force the mailto: to open in a particular mail client, and even they may be unable to associate with their day-to-day mail app because some webmail interfaces cannot be set to handle mailto:.


            I've written a few times here about the problems with mailto: links.  First, you must make sure to use the class "mktNoTrack" on all such links.  Otherwise, you are guaranteeing that the links will not work for a portion of your clients.  Yet even with that touchup -- as your clients are no doubt experiencing -- the links may open a mail app that isn't set up to send.  At worst, they may open a mail app that appears to send, but has an obsolete SMTP config that just leaves messages in the Outbox forever.  You have to stay aware of these issues.  The concept behind mailto: links was sound a long time ago, when almost everyone had a single, desktop mail app, but things are different now (and I say this as someone who swears by my desktop mail app!). 


            On the bright side, most people for whom the link doesn't work will be familiar enough with the situation to then copy-paste the email address into a new message.

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