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    Best Practice for Email Programs

    Jennifer Borelli

      When creating email programs  whats the best practice for an email blast that you may send multiple times?  Not necessarily a drip but a campaign you resend say a month later where all of the assets and list are the same but maybe you do a new blast with a subject line test.  Would you create that as an entire new program or just add an email  program within that program to do the new send?  I'm new to Marketo and trying to learn how to structure things for efficiency.  I don't want to create a lot of redundant programs if I don't have to. 

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          Kelley Sandoval

          Hello Jennifer,


          I think this is dependent on your reporting and overall architecture of naming in the system. There are a few big buckets you might be sitting in, so I'll try to provide an approach based on this.


          1. You are tracking by date of send and Quarter

          If this is the case I would clone your old email create a new campaign with the name updated based on the date and Quarter of the new send and set up your A/B test. Make sure you are sending the same day of week and time of day otherwise your data might shift dramatically based on those factors rather than your new test.


          2. You are tracking based on asset type not Quarter/Date of send

          If this is the case I would add onto your already existing program. By creating new emails with your new tests, a new smart list and new smart campaign with flows. You could then create a local report inside of this asset to track it or use campaign reports to see how this CTA results pan out.


          Other items you want to think about: who are you sending this next batch you? Your same smart list just those who weren't a part of the original smart list due to natural growth of your database? The same smart list but just those who didn't open the first time? Based on this you may or may not need a new list to target off of and could affect how you construct the list and send components.