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    Registered List and Filled Out Form Smart List return different number of leads?



      We have a webinar event program set up, and it captured 65 registrants, but when I set up a smart list to look for anyone who filled out the registration form from that particular landing page, it returns 136 leads.


      Does anyone know why this might be happening? I'm concerned that people who are filling out the form aren't being marked as registered and therefore are not receiving the confirmation/connection auto-response emails.


      I can't for the life of me figure out why the discrepancy would exist.



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          Dan Stevens

          Can you include here the smart list detail?  When you say it captured 65 registrants, do you mean there are 65 members that have "registered" program status when looking in the Members tab?

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              Yes, it listed 65 leads with the program status "registered." We had exported that list earlier in the day, and it had 65 names on it which fit what the program listed in the summary page. I later updated a smart list to capture all people who had filled the form out on the two landing pages where it is implemented for this program.


              I just expected it to be an easier way of capturing those names without having to further sort/filter them, but instead found it returned 136 names.

              All 65 people from the "registered" list were also on the "filled out form list". The others on the filled out form smart list who did not have the program status "Registered" were all listed as program status "invited", with no leads returned for any of the other statuses.


              The smart list details were:

              Filled Out Form Form Name is "GEO FORM - Webinar Registration"

              Webpage isin (2) "<marketo landing page URL, company website landing page URL>"


              We had a single form implemented on 2 landing pages, one a marketo landing page, and the other a landing page on our company website.


              Unfortunately, the filter no longer returns the same list of leads. It now returns the 65 people who have a program status of "registered". Additionally, individuals who were originally part of this smart-list (as having filled out the form), who are not listed as "registered" for program status, do not show a record of having filled out the form in their individual activity logs either. However I do have my original exported/downloaded copy of the results of the smart-list, which at this time seems to be the only evidence.


              I started a support ticket and they are diving deeper into this for me since it became more complex than the original issue.They were able to provide me with a log of all changes made to the smart-list filters since I thought maybe I had mis-configured them, however the log shows that at the time of export, the smart list details were as listed above, I just can't seem to re-create it.

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                  Dan Stevens

                  The 2nd constraint for your smart list filter, "Web Page is in" is not a valid constraint.  It's either "IS" or "IS NOT".  So perhaps the other leads in your smart list were those that filled out the form outside of your two landing pages.  Just a thought.

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                      Actually, that terminology of "isin" comes directly from the log report that was provided to me by Marketo. From what I can see in the log, it is the terminology generated by the system to describe that the webpage was "in" with a set of more than one value, in this case two web pages as possibilities. The visual representation of that in the Marketo user interface would have been "is" within the field you're referring to.  Previous log entries from times when there was just one website value also indicated just "in."


                      Testing that theory in marketo, the program will not allow me to sub in the "isin" manually, it either auto changes it to "is" or "is not."

                      Then, if I run the same parameters with an "is not" in that field, it only returns 111 leads. Still no match, even after allowing for a further date parameter to limit the time up until yesterday.


                      Sorry if this caused confusion, and thank you for the feedback.

                      As an update, I tried to replicate this today with a campaign using the same smart list, with a flow to send it to a regular static list. When I looked at the schedule tab, it said the campaign was set to affect 138 leads. I went back to the smart-list tab to take a screen shot so I could document what had caused it. In the time it took to take a screen shot and go back to the schedule page, it changed and said 67 leads again.


                      I am really curious to know why I keep seeing this, even if it isn't permanent.