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Is there a way to edit/delete field mappings or sfdc fields in marketo?

Question asked by 778e99a4828b868685d6011f950dfe85c005cd1f on Aug 31, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2015 by Dan Stevens.

Is the ability to edit field mappings and delete/edit salesforce fields just a feature in a higher level of Marketo that I don't have or does everyone have to submit a ticket to have these things edited/deleted/merged?


Background: Recently, after much coaxing I became the salesforce admin for my company after our previous guy just kept getting too happy with custom field creation and have a bunch of **** that needs to be cleaned, deleted and consolidated (stuff like custom state and country fields that he created that have the same name in idea why).  Basically it just keeps confusing people and we are ending up with data split between fields of the same name because some sales rep selected the wrong country field, or assignment rules weren't working because the admin set them up with the country field that marketo didn't map to.  It is a bit of a cluster-f@$%. team has submitted three tickets to have a couple fields merged (just 2)....the first time it was ignored...the second time it took 2 weeks for them to get back to us and they did nothing...the third time they were timely in their response, but still didn't help.  Does everyone have this issue or am I just missing something.  I am really hoping it is me, because it would make my life a lot easier if there was a way to work on this stuff without having to submit tickets.