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    Marketo Olark Chat Integration

      Hi All,


      We have Olark Chat as an on website chat application.

      I have been unable to find any related help regarding integrating Marketo with Olark Chat for chat tracking, re targeting etc.


      Could you people help me out with this ? A step by step guidance probably, on how can I go about and achieve this integration.


      Thank You !!


      Prabash Rath

      Babajob.com, Bangalore, India.

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          I am trying to achieve the same.


          Olark its a great chat app, It would be awesome to have a real integration with Marketo. Right now I'm burning my brain trying to use the webhooks - I would like to push a chat lead to Marketo. If the person gives us the name and email that would automaticate create a "chat " type of registration and trigger some campaings.


          I tried to get that to work with Liveperson I don't lilke the app at all, and the "integration" doesnt give you the triggers anyway.


          Any suggestions about connecting Marketo and Olark with webhooks?

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              Sanford Whiteman

              Webhooks inbound into Marketo are something to be wary of, because they are rate-limited (they use the forms endpoint, which maxes out at one form post per source IP every two seconds -- legit chat requests come in faster than that on busy sites, and that's not even considering malicious use).


              The Olark JavaScript API meshes quite well with the Marketo Forms API. A developer will be able to grab the Olark visitor details and post them to Marketo when a conversation starts.

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