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    Syncing Marketo With Custom CRM

    Mike Nichols

      We have a custom, in-house CRM system that was built to help us manage our clients. However, our sales team uses Salesforce to manage our relationships with prospects. Salesforce is currently synced with our instance of Marketo, using out-of-the-box capabilities. However, I'm curious about what our opportunities would be to also sync our instance of Marketo with our in-house CRM system. What are the challenges of syncing with a custom CRM system that is not cloud-based? And, would it be possible to have Marketo synced with two separate CRM systems at the same time (Salesforce and our in-house system)?


      Any advice would be much appreciated.

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          Josh Hill

          I would look at developers.marketo.com and anything on Custom Objects and API.


          The short answer is yes, you can do this, assuming your CRM is available to the internet and can use Marketo's API. This is a technical task that will require a lot of planning from your CRM Admin, tech/developer, and you.

          • Fields to map
          • Which fields and systems win?
          • What's in the CRM that's not in SFDC? Do youreally need to do this?
          • Do you need to setup special objects?
          • How is the sync going to work? One way? Bidirectional? Controlled in some way?
          • How will you deal with dupes?
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            Kristen Carmean

            You need to be aware that if you already are using the native integration, some of the functionality on developers.marketo.com won't work for your instance. I'm specifically thinking of the company and salesperson/user APIs, which only work for organizations that aren't using a native sync. You should be able to use lead, activity, opportunity, and custom object APIs though.


            Also, please make sure you batch your calls when you build the integration or you're going to use way more API calls and have worse performance than necessary.

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