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    Field changes for mass number of leads in database

    Karen Black

      Support is working on this as well, but I thought I would throw this out to the community to see if anyone else experienced this, and what can be done.  We are using the field "company" for form fill outs in Marketo.  This maps to our CRM system to the lead & account object (our contact object has a customized field on it).  When someone fills out a form, or if I do a data value change to that field, over 224,000 leads in our system has their value changed as well.  I have investigated and it seems that it is only affecting contacts in our SFDC database that have the same Account name associated with it.  We did not do a mass list import of these contacts into Marketo, outside of our initial sync with SFDC.  Can anyone shed light on what is happening, and what we can do?  My last resort would be to hide that field, and then to add in a Marketo only field to remedy.  The downside is that field would not be available to us on the event check in app.  Thanks!