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Guidelines for linking existing Marketo and Microsoft CRM databases

Question asked by ef637cd315d8f7ba8f666f4f6d9b4ffb700cabe9 on Aug 26, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2015 by Dan Stevens.

We have an existing Marketo database and an existing hosted Microsoft CRM 2015 instance.  Both have data (8K for Marketo, 4K contacts and 1K leads for CRM)  There are definitely duplicates between the CRM and Marketo database.


I would like to setup syncing between the two systems, but am not sure the best path forward.  I could:


  1. Export a CSV file from Marketo with all records.  I could then import into CRM as leads and setup duplicate detection rules to only bring in leads that don't already exist as leads/contacts in CRM.
  2. Simply turn on syncing and let Marketo sync data for existing leads/contacts and add the new leads/contacts in the CRM database.


Is there a document somewhere that talks about best practices in this case?


Are there any problems/gotcha's that should steer me in one direction or the other?


Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.