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    Storing Array as a Lead Field Value and using the values as a token in webhook

      Hi All,


      So I have created some custom fields in the marketo lead database against each lead.

      For example - JobID


      Some of these field are supposed to have an array of values against each lead.

      For example -


      Lead Name - Prabash

      Lead ID - 34512

      JobID - {3124, 2133, 4532, 2111}


      How do you people suggest can this be achieved in marketo ?


      Also, I have a webhook which takes in {{lead.JobID}} as a token to fetch back responses in XML format.

      If the above mentioned is achievable, how can each of the values inside the array be passed into that webhook one by one (like a for loop) for every lead ?

      [Trigger set to calling the webhook every time the JobID attribute's Data Value changes]


      Thanks a lot !!


      Prabash Rath

      Babajob.com, Bangalore, India.