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    Communication limits can be by-passed - Needs to be changed!

      Something we just uncovered regarding Marketo's communication limits.


      As you know, the communication limits are set within the admin area. However, these limits can be overwritten at the program level.


      Within the smart campaign - with the box unchecked - below is the message that appears. Emails will send no matter how many emails the lead has received today (over-ride the comm limits).  This is the standard state of the program.


      Inline image 1


      If box is checked - below is the new message. NOW the email is going to be blocked based on the communication limit settings. (except for the operational emails, of course)

      Inline image 2


      This process should be modified!  The default settings should be set to obey the communication limits at the admin level only. The only by-pass/override that should exist, should be the operational emails.