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How Can I Customize the Contents in the Marketo Insights Tab in SFDC?

Question asked by 557959e632f39134bc45e31783426369c75eced5 on Aug 25, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2015 by 02ef03062fe565650de9c553421bff4cdc141f14

I just shared the Insights tab with our sales team and they are excited about having the ability to prioritize their leads further beyond the score and the stage assignments. But, there are a couple issues we discovered and after reading through a few discussions here, Im not clear whether this is even possible.


1) A ton of the 'hot flames' are unsubscribes. Can I exclude these from showing up?

2) Hot flames are marked as 'disqualified' so yes, they had a good score and showed some activity but when we called, they were not a good fit. Id like to block these.

3) Can I sort by date? So the hottest recent ones will be on top?


Appreciate the help!