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    How Can I Customize the Contents in the Marketo Insights Tab in SFDC?

    Christina Pappas

      I just shared the Insights tab with our sales team and they are excited about having the ability to prioritize their leads further beyond the score and the stage assignments. But, there are a couple issues we discovered and after reading through a few discussions here, Im not clear whether this is even possible.


      1) A ton of the 'hot flames' are unsubscribes. Can I exclude these from showing up?

      2) Hot flames are marked as 'disqualified' so yes, they had a good score and showed some activity but when we called, they were not a good fit. Id like to block these.

      3) Can I sort by date? So the hottest recent ones will be on top?


      Appreciate the help!

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          Tim McMinn

          Navigate to your + sign in your menu header in SFDC. Click on "Marketo." This is where you can build new views (personal...cannot be rolled out to greater org).


          In best bets create a new view and start to add fields with values.


          You should be able to add a value of give me only "New" leads via the Status field. You can block your unsubscribes too, but not sure why you may want to do this as they may still be interested buyers just not interested in receiving your marketing emails. I like your status field idea. 


          I'm fairly certain you can't organize by date created, but that would be AWESOME! I wish Marketo would build this out to be a more flexible tool, but alas it is not.