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Include "x most recent" ideas and discussions on the home page

Question asked by Dan Stevens. Expert on Aug 22, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2015 by Dan Stevens.

Hey community leaders (Elizabeth Oseguera, Scott Wilder) - I really love the new community platform.  But one of the things I noticed is that IDEAS don't get the visibility they once had and therefore don't get the votes needed that the product team is looking for.  They seem to be an afterthought now.  On the old community, both ideas and discussions were included on the homepage of the community.  Now, you either have to click within each area to view the respective types of posts. Obviously most people gravitate to the Discussions area.


Instead, I would love to see the "x" most recent IDEAS and DISCUSSIONS prominently displayed on the community homepage.  Just some feedback to further improve the already great Marketo community site.