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Just launched an app at launchpoint to integrate Marketo & Saleforce

Question asked by 83bf740e752f8213ee8f78c22cebfffc494dc7e7 on Aug 21, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2015 by Kenneth Law

Hi Salesforce users,


We are glad to share that we have launched an application to integrate Marketo & Salesforce. The app has been just listed at Marketo's Launchpoint: Integrate Marketo with Salesforce | Pipemonk – Marketo LaunchPoint

The key features are as follow:

1. Bi-directional sync of Lead object

2. Multiple integration support: So, you can integrate multiple apps e.g. Marketo-Salesforce, Salesforce-QBO, Shopify-QBO etc. in one account.

3. Sync Scheduler: Schedule sync as per your convenience ..hourly, daily etc

4. Email Notification & report for sync & errors: Take action on any sync failure/discrepancy immediately.

5. Easy & quick setup:  Just 5 steps & 5 mins (Self-help)

6. Awesome 24x7 Customer Support


Currently, the app is in beta phase and we are looking for your great help & feedback to build it further specifically for your requirements. Even if you don't want to use it now, I would request you to please write to me at It would be a great encouragement for my team . Waiting for your response ! Thanks a lot.



Rakesh Pathak

Product Manager 

Pipemonk (formerly Zapstitch) | Linkedin