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    UTM Parameters via Tokens?

    Malik Zafar



      We have "location" links on all of our LPs, which direct to a particular "contact" page.


      For example: www.ourswebsite.com/locations/newyork?utm_source=blahblah?utm_medium=blahblah


      We are using tokens to insert our location links, can we use tokens within the URL to generate the UTM parameters?


      So it would look like this: www.ourwebsite.com/locations/newyork?{{my.utm source location}}?{{my.utm medium location}}


      So that if someone clicks on a location link from a particular LP, the source and medium would automatically be generated depending on where the lead clicked from?



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          Jenn DiMaria

          That should work as long as each LP is part of its own Program so the tokens trickle down.

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              Malik Zafar

              Having some difficulty getting this to implement.


              Basically, I want to be able to track the source and medium everytime a lead jumps around.


              So for example, if a lead is on a Contact Us page, and then clicks on the top banner page that redirects them to our home page, I want to be able to capture this.


              What is the most efficient way to do this?


              Would it be: www.homepage.com/{{my.utm medium token}}


              And then set the UTM medium on a program level?


              But what if the set up is more like this: {{my.services page}} << in this instance, we're using a token for our services page, however I want to add program-specific URL parameters to this link, but it's embedded within a token. Can I do something like: {{my.services page}}?{{my.utm medium token}} < will that populate into a complete URL or is this logic way off?

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                  Courtney Grimes

                  Hi Malik,


                  The example you give is a little odd; if you're trying to see where people go after hitting a key page, you'd be much better off setting up path reports or doing a reverse goal path in Google Analytics. Marketo really doesn't handle that kind of analysis well.


                  Also, you generally don't want to use UTM markup once someone has actually entered your site; it's more for inbound traffic from another source or medium.


                  With all that said, yes, if you have them as text tokens, you can certainly do {{my.services page}}?utm_medium={{my.utm medium}}. Just remember that you can't nest that inside another program token (if you're trying to do a fully tokenized email, for instance.)

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                Karina Guerra

                Would this work for emails?

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                  Scott Daily

                  Agreed with Courtney! Definitely a report for Google Analytics (or your website analytics tool of choice). If you place links with UTM parameters on your website, it will actually duplicate data and skew what you're looking at. Definitely not something you'd want to do if you're trying to get a better understanding on in-site traffic!


                  Here's a useful tutorial to understand various campaigns that live on your website: Tracking Internal Campaigns with Google Analytics - Analytics Talk

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                      Malik Zafar

                      Thanks for the link!




                      Scott, I guess one thing I was trying to change is whenever someone clicks a link from one of our Marketo LPs back to our actual website, the "Source" in Google Analytics shows up as "(not set)", I was trying to see if there was a way to change this or if it even really matters from a data standpoint. Thanks!