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Fewer People than Expected in Segments

Question asked by eacff48da056d29818835459e9e95f757ee3f5ed on Mar 16, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2015 by eacff48da056d29818835459e9e95f757ee3f5ed

I've segmented the majority of the people in our instance into about 17 segments. As I created each segmentation, I made sure the number of people in each smart list was comparable to what I expected. When the segmentation approval process was complete, I had way fewer people than were originally reflected in the respective previews had indicated (for example, 2,200 versus 85,000). 

I created a draft out of the report and compared the numbers side-by-side and can't figure out why they aren't equal. 

I'm new to segments and segmentations, so this may be a rookie mistake. Thanks for your help!