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    Is the "Mobile Device" email open default a "False"?

      Marketo seems to have obscure, indirect routes to getting essential information on email performance and readership.


      I'd like to know how many of my readers are on a mobile device, but speaking with support I understand that many mobile devices today report to the servers that they are a computer and not a mobile device. Something about computer-like processing power...


      So the workaround in the community on getting a device/client breakdown seems to be creating smart lists. But if you filter "email opened" with "mobile device" you have a true or false option. My question is:


      Is the default "Mobile Device" option "False", unless the device specifies itself as "True"?


      Since "True" is no longer an accurate report on how many mobile opens you have, subtracting total opens from "False" can give you a near-guaranteed minimum count of mobile readership.


      And no, false + true does not equal total opens. False + True gave me 91% of total opens on the specific email I'm referring to.


      Please help! Thanks.