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How to restrict which leads sync to Salesforce

Question asked by 90d0ecbf647c7942b60052ea55211f559e0c1636 on Aug 18, 2015
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we will be rolling out Marketo in combination with Salesforce in multiple countries in phases. For a period of time, we will have some countries already on Marketo landing pages, but they will not yet be on Salesforce. We'd like for leads for those countries to NOT be automatically synced to Salesforce. I found in the documentation how I can restrict or edit sync options for custom objects based on filters/ constraints on fields but I am not finding anything about standard objects.


To clarify, I am not looking to restrict what comes from Salesforce into Marketo (I know I can do that with the Marketo salesforce user profile and role). I am trying to restrict what leads that get created in Marketo from a landing page do get synced to Salesforce. e.g. we have a field called "Sales country" and if = Germany for instance, then lead should be synced but if Austria then don't.


Am I right to understand that once the sync is enabled (as described in the documentation):  Enterprise/Unlimited Edition - Marketo Docs - Product Docs that this enabled bi-directional sync of standard objects? Or for anything coming from Marketo and supposed to go into Salesforce I need to add the lead to a smart campaign/ list/ flow to specifically say that is should sync to Salesforce? Trying to understand the relationship between global sync and what it covers vs what is set on the list/ campaign level.