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Send Marketo email button on Salesforce Opportunity?

Question asked by 90d0ecbf647c7942b60052ea55211f559e0c1636 on Aug 17, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by c25d89058baa668eab2f05ae440e63a95199176f

I know the standard "Send Marketo email" button is only available on the lead or contact object in Salesforce which includes the list views as well. Most of the Marketo emails we'd like to send from within Salesforce from a list view would need to utilize Opportunity information though. E.g. Send a Marketo email to a list of contacts where the most recent opportunity is in stage x. Really almost all of the logic is on the opportunity, so really we'd almost want to send a Marketo email to a list of opportunities, rather than contacts. I understand in the end I am sending the email to people, therefore contacts but to generate the list in Salesforce, I need opportunity data which is not available when creating a contacts list view. Is my only option to write opportunity information to the contact so that I can then use it to create list views? I understand I can solve many of these things if emails are sent from within marketo. This is for emails that are however not automated and for users that do not have Marketo login access and just send emails from within salesforce.


Is there a way to replicate the functionality of the "send marketo email" button for the opportunity? Or is there a better alternative that I am not thinking of?


Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated!