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    Best Practices to Introduce New Domain?



      Our company recently changed to a new domain in April 2015. Come September 2015, we will be changing again to shorten out domain Email address and simply be @matthews.com .


      When we switched to our current domain that we're using now @matthewsretailgroup.com we kept sending emails for the properties we represent with out a real strategy as far as introducing a new domain and warming up to it, because of the haste movement we went through.


      This time we'd like to do it right, and keep our new domain clean and out of people's spam. I would like ot know some best practices for a new domain, and what some others have done in a similar situation.


      Also, currently we have about 14 brokerage professionals, that we send out emails for, each using their own name to send out the mass emails.


      What are your thoughts on that, as far as continuing to send from each individual broker, or designating a noreply@matthews.com or a listings@matthews.com; so it's all coming from one source.


      Thank you for your time, and if you need any clarification please let me know so I can word better.



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          Josh Hill

          It's worth telling people ahead of time that you are changing emails so they can whitelist you.


          As for sending from a rep or not, it just depends on the audience. I usually prefer not to send generic stuff via reps and use the generic boxes like "news@matthews.com" as long as you can monitor replies.


          The problem with sending from rep's real email names is they can get dumped into spam more and their real emails are never seen. To thwart that, I suggest using their middle initial as an email alias (with IT's help) for marketing sent emails.

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