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    Recommendations for retargeting vendors for B2B?

      We're looking to start out with display advertising and are curious to see what other folks are currently using for B2B retageting and how they like the vendor they're using.


      We want to start with remarketing to existing website users and eventually venture to advertising to new prospects based on demographic fit. We're also leaning toward CPC (vs. CPM) so that's a consideration.


      Curious specifically about folks' experience with the below 4 vendors/networks, but open to hearing about others as well:


      • Google Display Network
      • Adroll
      • Criteo
      • Perfect Audience

      Any input is welcome - thanks in advance!



        • Re: Recommendations for retargeting vendors for B2B?
          Scott Daily

          Hi Charlie,


          We started working with AdRoll in July and have had a wonderful experience. Leading up to it, we ran multiple tests (retargeting and not) with other vendors and have been very pleased with AdRoll's results.

          They're also nice to work with because they can retarget into Facebook and capitalize on CRM retargeting - targeting known leads via an identifier in your database (usually email address) - which is great to align with key stages in your sales funnel! The platform is very simple and easy to use. Plus, it's no contract, so if you're not happy with your results you're able to cancel anytime (which shows their commitment to customer satisfaction).

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